Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cheap Software For Sale Beware Spam

Many times during the day I receive E-mail from sources I have never subscribed to.

A friend was asking me about one of these emails and the discounted software titles that were available. I mentioned to him about software pirates in other countries shipping copied software that looked like the real thing.

Personally, I would not trust any email from a source that I did not subscribe to on the world wide web. A number of factors to consider.

One: If you give credit card billing and E-mail information online to these companies you have no idea what they are going to do with it. Are they going to feed it to the BOTs, sell it to other non-reputable companies, steal your identity, and compromise your privacy?

: Even if your order the product you may never get it and then have to go back to the credit card company and register a notarized affidavit stating what happened.

Third: Is the software product actually going to function or is the key a copied key that the software company can turn off because multiple copies all have the same lock.

Fourth: When you go to register the product you bought, if it is stolen, the company will find out from cross referencing information.

Fifth: Is it worth it in the long run to run the risk of buying stolen intellectual property?

My personal feeling is do not fall victim to this type of marketing, advertising, and sales scam.

Now, as one of the syndicated radio shows says, "Now, go do the right thing."

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