Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Email Junk Mail Trash Heap

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I have had It!

By: James A. Warholic

My cookie trash can on my computer fills up faster than I can eat a cookie.

Every day I receive dozens of cookies in, unsolicited B2B and B2C emails from all kinds...

View: (USA, ethics B2B and B2C federal, International foreign country E-mail cookie policies, ecommerce marketing b2c b2b differences e-Mail spam, "ID" identity theft & electronic mail threats, USPS, regulations, ethical and legal issues of B2B sites, banking, the law, E-commerce legal issues, Internet marketing goverment spyware, "IT" security and viruses issues, HTML email and cookies "security" e-mail "Phishing" spoof, Online security, FTC Can-Spam Law, Ezine Newsletters electronic magazines, Email Identity theft, consumer privacy, counterfeit Bank Quarterly Statement Notices, fraudulent online mortgage, companies privacy account information, popup window steal email personal info, phony non-profit organizations, Non Private Privacy Policy "disclaimer", release of private information, shared by some online service providers, info shared with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers, eCommunications Information and non-disclosure agreements, IT - (Information Technology) and viruses e mail security, e-Mail privacy, Direct Marketing via email, vs. postal mail junk, email Charity scams, bogus Lottery Email, Stock Investing spams And scams), and cookie viruses in emails.

Before we used email on computers to the extent we do today we would surf through the postal mail and toss out the junk.

As far as I am concerned the majority of B2B and B2C emails being generated today are in the same category from companies that they themselves are "junk". They promise everything from get rich schemes to spamming you with garbage and viruses.

Stop and share your stories about your "Junk Email Junk Mail Trash Heap"

Remember: Above All - Tell It Like It Is, and Do it With Style!

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